About Kilo-Foxtrot-Zero-Echo


stationThe Ebb and Flow of life is incredible. After 20+ years of being licensed, I have once again found a bit of time to put towards this wonderful hobby. Here is a little history.

I was originally licensed at the age of 14 as N0VNY. I continued studying and was able to pass the Morse Code tests. Throughout High School I was able to really explore the radio hobby.

The list of folks that showed me the different aspects of the hobby is huge. Many of you know who you are. I was able to see and explore Balloon Stations with Edge of Space Science (EOSS), Electronic Direction Finding with Humana Search and Rescue and Front Range Electronic DF, operate at many Field Day events, hear the adventures of the extreme DXpedition’er, and casually meet some great folks on the bands.

There are two people that I think of often: Johnny Flink (W0VYP) for sparking the hobby bug; simply by giving me a tour of his station, and to Harry Valenta (SK) (N0NMP) for the many hours of mentoring. Thanks to Harry, I was even able to set up a station at the local Eaglecrest High School (the sad part is, that the station has probably been collecting dust since 1996. I wish they could have sold it to me when I graduated). After High School, things got busy. I never was able to find the time to take the theory exams needed to upgrade my license class. . .

. . . until now!

A few years ago, I was able to study and pass the General exam and the Extra exam. I am still rediscovering the hobby. A hobby that has really changed over the last 20 years.

Thanks to the continued efforts of the ARRL and their Qualifying Runs, on4/26/2012 I was even able to “re-qualify” and receive the Certificate of Code Proficiency at a speed of 25 wpm.home12

I run a modest station. Currently running a Kenwood TS-690S and an Inverted-V (at approximately 50 feet). I am grateful to have a QTH located in a rural area with a very low noise floor and a high elevation (Approx. 6400′ ASL).

I look forward to experimenting with Portable and QRP special event stations, SOTA, International EMCOMM, and the casual quest for DX.  I also look forward to bringing ham radio into our homeschool community through our Co-op and enrichment programs.

Also if anyone needs someone to carry their bags for the exotic IOTA expedition… give me a call!

I will QSL direct via SASE. Also will confirm QSO / QSL via QRZ, maybe via HRDlog, and will upload my logs to LOTW when I can figure it all out.

At one point in time I had a bunch of numbers to go along with my callsign. I don’t remember them but if you can find them feel free to use them with your contact.

Take care and see you on the air!



Here is a little callsign history…

My current callsign KF0E, originally belonged to Mr. Joseph Finney.

He was born July 3, 1921, in York, Nebraska, and raised on a farm near York.

He served in the Army Air Corps throughout World War II.

After the war, he went to work for the Colorado & Southern Railroad in Golden, Colorado, as Agent and Trainmaster.

He enjoyed many hours visiting with other Hams all over the world. He was a skilled carpenter and woodworker and made many pieces of furniture, which remain in use and are treasured by his family.

Mr. Finney was licensed in 1942 as WB0WZV and was active with the OOTC (Old Old Timers Club).